Model since forever




Joby Bach's real name is Joby Bachand,
She has always been attracted by the fashion industry and show business.  Since her early childhood, she knew she had something to bring to the fashion industry, althought at first she did not know what it would be.

Realizing that the standards of the fashion industry were not realistic for the average man and woman, she decided to invest fully in the new up and coming plus-size market.
The main goal of Joby is to help round and big women with their self-esteem and above all else, make them proud of their curves. She also promotes health through an industry that is, in her opinion, disillusioned by the real meaning of true beauty.

Innovating several styles and daring to transgress the laws of what people believe to be a PLUSSIZE, Joby Bach is not afraid to break the mold by revealing her curves and especially by presenting herself differently then her fellow models.
Her goal is not to please others, but to stay true to itself.

Authentic to herself and her beliefs, proud, stubborn and especially willing, she challenges herself by venturing into the unknown by using different methods of approach to bring us fresh new ideas throught her photos, so as an end result, we the viewers ,are awed and marveled by this out of the box beauty.  


The best is yet to come ...